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Class Instructors

Julie Teed

Kickboxing, Silver Sneakers, and is a personal trainer

Owner of Refuel.

Karen Hughes

Movement & Mobility, Fitness 101

Karen began her fitness journey when she was motivated to improve her health becoming a student at Refuel in 2015. Her first certification was in 2017 with Beachbody Core de Force Program then Kettlebell AMPD and now is certified in Group Fitness. The motivation to teach her students and improve her nutrition helped her lose 30 pounds, get off her meds and start a better lifestyle for herself. Karen is passionate and grateful to be able to help her students on their fitness journey’s. When not at Refuel, Karen enjoys outdoor activities and time with her family.

Kelly Ide

AMPD Resistance, AMPD Kickboxing and Silver Sneakers

Kelly started attending classes at Refuel in 2019, around 1 year later she became an instructor. She is certified in Group Fitness, AMPD Resistance, AMPD Kickboxing and Silver Sneakers. Her classes are available for all levels of fitness with modifications available. Outside of Fitness Kelly enjoys time with her chickens and trail riding on her horses.

Lisa Hatch


Lisa has been teaching dance fitness for more than 15 years, Anusara Yoga for 6, QiGong (Satori Flow Form) for 2 and most recently Shine Fitness. Students inspire her and she is enthusiastic about helping students of all fitness levels reach their goals. Outside of student teaching she enjoys playing games with loved ones, hiking, and caring for chickens. You can follow her on Instagram where she shares her curiosities and perspectives Daily Doodles (@hatchdelaosacruz). Her full-time job outside of fitness is helping individuals with traumatic brain injuries and their families.

Michele Napoleon

K-Fit and Kettlebell AMPD

Michele became a student at Refuel when it originated in 2013. Attending many classes such as Zumba, K-Fit, Kettlebell AMPD and more. July of 2017, she received her certification in Kettlebell AMPD, Kettlebell Strength, AMPD Kickboxing and Group Fitness. She enjoys helping her students become a better version of themselves. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach in the summer, camping with her husband and spending time with her daughter and granddaughter.

Valerie Franklin

Zumba, Zumba Toning, Step and Strong

Valerie first became a student at Refuel in 2015 attending Zumba classes. She quickly became passionate and first was certified in Zumba then Zumba Toning, Step and Strong. Valerie is known for the energy she brings to her classes while teaching her students. In her free time Valerie enjoys spending time with her kids and grandchildren.

Amelia DeVolder

Barre Pilates

Amelia started her fitness journey encouraged by our Head Personal Trainer Kathy getting her Group Fitness Certification in February 2020. She was a former dancer of 23 years and was interested in a Barre class in our area, so she decided, why not teach it? With a background in recreation, she enjoys being around groups of people and helping her community find their love for fitness just as she has. If not at Refuel, you might spot Amelia in Newark as she lives here with her Husband and Dachshund Oakley. In her free time, she enjoys all sorts of activities such as kayaking, camping, hiking, hunting, and crocheting.

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