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GymMaster app replacing GloFox 

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CURRENT MEMBERS - Download GymMaster app and sign in with email.


The transition from the GloFox app to the new GymMaster app marks an exciting upgrade for our fitness community. With the GymMaster app, you now have a more streamlined and user-friendly platform to manage your fitness journey. This app not only allows you to access your account with ease but also provides an array of enhanced features to enhance your overall fitness experience. You can seamlessly check your membership status, track your progress, and even book or reschedule classes at your convenience. To get started, simply download the GymMaster app from your app store of choice, and log in using your existing credentials. With this powerful tool at your fingertips, you'll have greater control over your fitness goals and a more seamless connection to our fitness facility's resources and community. Welcome to the future of fitness management with GymMaster!


Friends are Awesome Program

Refer a Friend.

When your friend signs up for 24/7 gym membership, you get one month 24/7 gym FREE. YAY YOU!!!!

Bring a Friend.

When you bring a friend to class, you get a FREE class. YAY YOU!!!!

The Metabolic Reset Program

Learn more about the program that will reset your body through the combination of high quality natural micronutrients, a healthy eating plan, moderate exercise and an activator that will enhance metabolic activity. 

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